Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are particularly common in cats and dogs. UTIs occur when bacteria collect in areas that are supposed to be sterile. Most frequently in litter boxes for cats, and pee pads or outdoor areas where dogs would eliminate, thus contracting bacteria such as, E-coli.

There are many symptoms to identify UTIs before they become a bigger problem.

If your cat exhibits uncommon behaviour from their original routine, such as:

  • eliminating outside of litterbox
  • urinate in frequent small amounts
  • straining or loud meowing while urinating, due to pain
  • blood in litterbox

If your dog exhibits uncommon behaviour from their original routine, such as:

  • murky or bloody urine or both
  • straining or whimpering while urinating, due to pain
  • accidents inside house
  • needing to go outside often
  • dripping urine
  • licking near urethra
  • fever

Provide adequate amount of fresh and clean water and change their water bowl daily.

Allow your dog to have enough exercise and let them outside to eliminate often to prevent them from holding in urine.

For cats, clean their litterbox regularly to limit production of bacteria. Allow easy access to litterbox and limit traffic or noise around the litterbox.

Keeping both cats and dogs at their appropriate weight will help with UTI prevention.

A more natural way of alleviating or preventing UTIs would be giving your pet cranberry supplements, even giving your pet blueberries will help.

Once you’ve identified early symptoms, it is important to be proactive with treatment and prevention to save your pet from further pain and suffering.






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