For decades, cat advocates have recommended that we keep our beloved cats indoors. However, it’s a misconception that they should solely be indoor cats, but instead they should also be able to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. There are many benefits of letting your cat outdoors but in a controlled environment, and walking your cat is one of them.

The following are ways of walking your cat safely and items to prepare before taking them outside.

The first step before everything else is to get your cat used to wearing a harness while indoors. Once they’re used to it, then it’s time to take them outside for short walks in secluded areas with limited amount of noise. Also, it’s important to bring a pet carrier or backpack carrier (sold at Orico Pet Supply) along with you so your cat is able to have a secure space when they are startled. Another important note is to have your pet microchipped or IDed before going outdoors.

If your cat likes the harness, their body will loosen up, show interest and start to explore, exhibit friendly behaviour, and walk a little and lay down.

If your cat doesn’t like the harness, they will want to hide, make their body seem smaller, refuse to walk or try to run away, ears back, hiss and vocalize, and jump or shake from sounds or people.

It is very important not to force your pet by dragging them or make them stay outdoors for a long period of time if they’re afraid.


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